Preliminary Verification Information

All application forms must be filled out on the computer. We do not mail blank application packages!

The application is designed to be submitted electronically. Do not print and mail, fax or email any documents unless specifically requested by

All documentation materials, including your photograph, must be scanned or uploaded into your computer, prior to filling out the application.

Create a folder, on your computer, and scan all your documents to that location. You will then know exactly where the documents are located, for uploading to your application later in this process.

All scanned or uploaded documents MUST be less than 8MB each, and in one of the following formats:

  • Word Document (.doc/.docx)
  • Photo Image (.jpg, gif, or png)
  • ADOBE Acrobat (.pdf)

Please Note:

The American Board of Surgical Assistants is strictly a testing and credentialing organization. We are not an employment service. We do not, can not, and will not attempt to provide employment assistance. Please don't ask. If seeking employment, it is suggested that you contact friends, employment agencies or search the internet for surgical assistant jobs.

States that have legislative issues are California, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee and Virginia. New York and New Jersey do not allow surgical assistants to practice in their states, and in California there are very few opportunities to practice.

States requiring registration and/or licensure are Illinois, Kentucky, Nebraska, Tennessee, Virginia; and Washington DC. Texas has licensure but it is not required, to practice.

Most I.T. Departments at Hospitals and Medical Centers block all internet forms and applications. If this is the case, you will have to use your home or other computer.

Paying Online DOES NOT Constitute an Application for Examination.

Exam fees vary, based on the country where the exam is administered. The application must be filled out using this online process.

All documentation, including your 2x2 size photograph should be scanned or uploaded into your computer, prior to filling out the Application Form.

If you need assistance with your application, feel free to contact us, M-F 8AM to 4PM central time at: 1-877-617-8345